Bus transportation from Auburn and Rocklin, CA to Jesuit and St Francis Catholic High Schools in Sacramento CA.

Placer Bus Group (PBG) Service Information:
Service to St Francis and Jesuit HS only from Route 49 and I80 corridor

Placer Bus Group is a volunteer run bus service that has been providing transportation along the I80 corridor for almost 30 years! We were organized to support and promote Catholic education by providing group transportation for students for Jesuit and St. Francis High Schools only. In today’s economic environment the cost savings at the pump and the time you save by having us transport your student(s) is invaluable. In addition, it gives your student(s) a chance to meet other students and start those connections for the high school experience. Our bus driver, Jeff Vandervort, has been driving for Placer Bus Group since 2007. Jeff has been the most reliable of employees over the years and has developed an amicable relationship with his high school riders.

This document provides a wealth of relevant information about your bus service. Please read it in its entirety and print out the PDF version so you can refer back to the information when questions arise. At the end of the email is a link to a required google form that confirms your receipt and reading of the information.

Welcome to the new school year!

Bus service for the 2022-2023 school year will begin Wednesday, August 10, 2022 for St. Francis students and Monday, August 15, 2022 for Jesuit students.

Four Bus Stop Locations:

Lake of the Pines (LOP):
Crossroads Church
(in the front parking lot)               
10050 Wolf Road
Grass Valley, California

St. Joseph Catholic Church
1162 Lincoln Way
Auburn, California

Chipotle Rear Parking Lot                             
4390 Sierra College Blvd.
Rocklin, California

**Roseville** NEW STOP: 
Park & Ride Taylor Road
1836 Taylor Road
Roseville, California

  • Additional map information on the bottom of Schedule tab on the website.
  • Riders are not tied to their selected stop. If it works better for you to choose one of our other locations no need to contact PBG or the bus driver.
  • If your rider is not going to be on the bus on a particular day, no need to contact PBG.
  • Riders need to be on time. Bus driver leaves at the posted scheduled times.
  • PBG does not provide supervision at the bus stops.

Placer Bus Group Schedule:

Below is the daily schedule. Any changes will be posted on the calendar on the website, announced on the bus, posted on the whiteboard at the front of the bus and announced via Twitter @PBGInfo.



Lv L.O.P.

6:10 AM

Lv St Francis

3:10 PM

Lv Auburn

6:30 AM

Lv Jesuit

3:30 PM

Lv Rocklin

6:45 AM

Ar Roseville

4:00 PM

Lv Roseville

7:00 AM

Ar Rocklin

4:15 PM

Ar St Francis

7:30 AM

Ar Auburn

4:30 PM

Ar Jesuit

8:05 AM

Ar L.O.P.

4:50 PM

Drop Off/Pick Up Locations at Schools:
St Francis:

  • AM: Front of St Francis School   
  • PM: Front of the Gym


  • AM & PM: American River Drive Back of Jesuit HS
  • Pick Up and Drop off locations are at the direction of the high schools. If they change our locations, riders and their families will be informed via email and posted on the bus white board and website.

Bus Passes:

  • Be sure your student picks it up the first day they ride the bus from our driver, Jeff.
  • It is suggested the bus pass be attached to their backpack using the plastic strap.
  • To issue a new pass a payment of $5 will be required.

Seat Sharing:

  • The bus is at near capacity.
  • All seats must have 2 riders to a seat.
  • If a student refuses to share their seat with another rider, the student will be at risk of losing their seat on the bus.

General Rules of Conduct on the Bus

  • Students must stand 12 feet from the bus and not walk toward the bus until the door opens.
  • All students are to be seated quickly and as instructed by the driver with no arguments.
  • Students must remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Students are not to reach out or lean out of the windows.
  • There shall be no eating, drinking or gum chewing on the bus.
  • Students will not throw objects in the bus or out or a window.
  • Students will refrain from excessive noise, rude, discourteous conduct, or other unacceptable behavior.
  • Each student is responsible for his/her own property. Students are not to engage in horseplay or touch another student's property without permission.
  • A student may take guests on the bus provided they complete the occasional ridership form. Please see ridership eligibility section.

Student Discipline Agreement
Review our discipline agreement with your student. This was agreed to during the registration process.

  • The bus driver will issue a written Incident Report describing the student’s misconduct.
  • Each offense may result in a warning or suspension from the bus for one or two full days.
  • Each Incident Report must be signed by the parent or guardian, and accepted/returned to the bus driver before the student can re-board the bus.
  • Student refusal to accept the driver’s Incident Report will result in a five (5) day suspension for the offense. In such an event, the Incident Report will be sent by email to the parent or guardian.
  • A third suspendable incident during a school year may result in expulsion from the bus group. Notification of this action will again be done by email.
  • The driver’s decision in issuing an Incident Report is final.

Other Rider Programs Available:
Occasional Rider

  • This was established for guests of our regular riders.
  • Each rider must have an Occasional Rider form each time to board the bus and $10 fee.
  • Occasional rider form located on home page of our website.
  • Seat is not guaranteed. It is a space available program only.

Annual Between Schools Service

  • PBG offers transportation from St. Francis to Jesuit HS.
  • Annual Payment only of $383 for the school year.
  • There are times this service is not available due to late starts at the schools. In addition, this service is not available on the days of Jesuit Sophomore and Junior retreats as PBG provides bus service for these events. On those afternoons the bus departs from Jesuit first then goes to St Francis for pick up. These changes are on the website calendar and posted on the white board on the bus.

Bus Service Between Schools Jan-May Afternoons (Sports/Theatre)

  • Offered in the Spring for St. Francis students to participate in afterschool sports and/or theatre at Jesuit.
  • Registration Fee of $50 via the website.
  • One Time Payment of $175.
  • For registered PM and Round-Trip riders, this service is included with your fee.


  • First Invoice was sent out July 5.
  • Included in the email were the payment options.
  • If you signed up for recurring payment no invoice was sent.
  • After this first payment, the invoices for installment payers will typically arrive around the 1st of the month.
  • Prompt payment is appreciated.
  • All of the first payments are due August 1. A late fee of $25 will be assessed if paid after the 10th of the month.
  • If you have questions about your invoices or wish to set up a recurring payment for the installment plan, please contact our bookkeeper, Marianne Ellner, at PlacerBusGroup@gmail.com.
  • As agreed upon during registration, this is a one-year commitment to ride the bus and pay the fee. If for any reason a rider no longer needs our service, the parent/guardian is still committed to the fee in its entirety unless a replacement rider can be found.

Placer Bus Group Board

updated: 7/08/22